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BrandWagon is a demand generation marketing agency that drives traffic, leads, and revenue through your website. BrandWagon launches organic search campaigns, social campaigns, and digital advertising campaigns that drive awareness, education, and qualified lead conversions.

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What is demand generation
and how does it fit into digital marketing?

Demand generation is the holy grail and backbone of digital marketing. It is where the rubber meets the road and marketing efforts are measured and tracked in order to yield sales and revenue.

The term “demand generation” is a bit of a misnomer. While marketing might stimulate demand, you’re never really creating it from nothing. Products and services (business in general) exist only to serve demand that already exists. 

You could argue that some industries are created before they are realized by the consumer market (like the iPhone or the iPad for example) but in general, your business exists to bring products and services to your existing prospects who are already in need of your support. 

Demand generation is a growth initiative that simply locates your prospects in volume, and established a communication with them to promote awareness of your brand and your brand’s solutions. That’s it.

demand generation marketing

How does this work across
the online or offline ecosystem?

Prospects that will buy your product or solution are aware that they want or need a solution before they come across your brand. 

This is why marketing campaigns are designed to promote awareness and engagement across different channels and to attract prospects at various points in the buyer’s journey. 

For more detail on this, download our full eBook here. Digital marketing and demand generation objectives typically include the following: 

  • Brand awareness 
  • Education (this also brands a company as a thought-leader) 
  • Sales 
  • Repeat business

Full stack digital marketing with
analytics and pipeline + ROI analysis

BrandWagon enables small and medium sized businesses to compete with larger businesses and generate more revenue by utilizing full stack digital marketing based on data and analytics. BrandWagon is designed to own or co-own the marketing and demand generation arm of any business. 

BrandWagon leverages a combined three decades of digital marketing and demand generation experience to launch world class campaigns while implementing industry leading data and analytics to measure, optimize, and achieve success with a tangible ROI (return on investment) for your business.

What is pipeline?
What analytics are you talking about?

Pipeline is the amount of potential business each prospect is worth. If someone is interested in your products and you have assessed a dollar amount for that transaction, it is fairly easy to calculate how many potential deals are on the table per marketing campaign and per marketing channel. 

This is where BrandWagon data and analytics come in. We assess where your gold mines are (potential pipeline is the size of the gold mine assessed over time) and also, how much gold has been pulled out of those mines (this is the ROI element). 

To look at an example in terms of numbers, there may be a specific campaign on Google Ads that is targeting prospects with certain interests. This campaign might be generating 120 lead acquisitions per month with a total pipeline revenue of $650,000 over the past two quarters. 

If 22% of this pipeline turns into closed revenue, then this campaign would yield $143,000 in sales roughy every six months. Once enough data is collected, you can see the ROI per each campaign and even understand how to optimize and increase revenue within those campaigns. 

BrandWagon collects and calculates all of this data so that eventually, monthly and quarterly projections can be calculated as well. Over time, BrandWagon can assess seasonality, channel/campaign velocity (the amount of time it takes a facebook lead to close vs a google search lead for example) and what channels drive the most revenue.

Are we really starting from zero
if we start working with an agency?

No. Any records of historic transactions can easily be leveraged and analyzed to assess a wealth of information that will help shape marketing campaigns.

We can quickly develop personas, industries, keywords/vernacular and other CTAs (calls to action) that will resonate with your prospects and allow for a more aggressive timeline to optimize and assess ROI as well as other success benchmarks.

Even if you are not set up to collect marketing centric data, every transaction you have made will play a huge role in launching with a marketing agency.

Marketing is basically responsible for taking sales data and leveraging it at the awareness level in order to create more business at scale.

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